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Project Description
A WPF application to translate strings with support from Microsoft Translator.


The program name Locult is an artificial join from 'Localization' and 'Culture', because this software is about localizing string resources for other software development projects. The localization process can be manually but is supported by the API from Microsoft Translator as described at: (service based machine learning translation from Microsoft).

This API lets you translate string resources in a simple configure and click scenario. You can translate into more languages than only those that you speak. I routinely localize my own projects in about 10 languages with Locult. The result of this process is that about 80% of the entire population on this planet can use my open source software with their native language preference.




The project is currently able to localize only RESX string resources, but the architecture is setup to support other file formats in the near future. Please let me know via Issue or Discussion item if you require the translation of other file formats.

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