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Getting Started with Locult

This page lists a beginners "how to" for the first steps necessary to configure and use Locult.

Login and User Account for Microsoft Translator

Locult automatically shows the current URI for the API of Microsoft Translator. But it is also necessary to enter a user and password.

A new account can be created free of charge as described here:

  • Obtain and enter a user token into the user and password section in the dialog shown above
  • Click Settings to close this dialog and create a new Locult Solution via the Getting Started page


The settings shown in the New Solution dialog shown above are just default values. You can go through them from to to bottom to adjust everything as you need it.
  • Name your solution, for example Edi, if you were to localize files for a project called Edi
  • Point the Directory in the SOLUTION section to a dedicated Locult folder
  • Point the String.resx entry in the PROJECT section to an existing file that you want to translate
  • Remove all entries in the TARGET FILES section and add at least 1 entry pointing to a file in the same folder as the file in the PROJECT section but using a different suffix to indicate your target language for translation (e.g.: .de-DE.resx indicates translation to German)

  • Click the New... button to create the new Locult solutiion

  • The program shows by default the Project page of the solution if the source RESX file exists but the target RESX file does not exist, yet.

  • Click the target RESX file in the left treeview. Select entries in the Main Grid View and click the Translate button.

  • The application should now show a progress indicator and retrieve strings for the target language in this example German).

Edit Translations Manually

You can edit a string translation by selecting an entry in the list and pressing the F2 key on the keyboard



  • Click the Save button and the 'Save Solution' button to save your changes.

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